Awnings and Roofs
Wheels & Bearings

If something is wrong with your wheels or wheel bearings, your vacation is over before it's begun! Wheel bearing inspection or replacement can save you precious vacation hours by keeping your RV or trailer in perfect towing condition. Come in and let us give you a free estimate.

A leaking roof is the number one repair job that needs to be fixed in a hurry. Where water damage has occurred, sometimes the damage is too extensive for minor repairs only. Stay dry this camping season and protect your investment - bring your RV or trailer in and we will make it right with a repair or in severe cases, a replacement. Is your awning old? Does it leak or not extend properly? It might be a simple repair that's needed or it might need to be replaced.

Being seen while driving and able to see at night while camping are both pretty important. If your RV or trailer has lights that need repairing or replacing, we are here to serve you. 

Any working part of your RV or Trailer can be repaired or replaced. Make the most out of your camping experience and allow our service department to make your RV perfect.

RV Lights & Lighting
Racks, Vents, Ladders, Fridges, Furnace, Cabinetry

Need your RV or Trailer Repaired?

We Specialize in Water Damage Prevention and Repair.


From major repairs to minor repairs, we are here to meet your RV and Trailer needs. Let a licensed RV technician inspect your RV. For between $65 - $130 depending on its size, we will inspect your RV and do minor repairs where needed. This service alone can save you thousands of dollars later on. 

It's not too late to save your RV depending on its monetary and personal value to you. Estimates will be given before any work begins.

Preventative Maintenance


Let’s discuss the prevention of WATER DAMAGE to your RV roof. Catching leaks before they happen will save you money, your RV, vacation and time.


I am a licensed RV technician with specialties in water damage repair. For a limited time, I am offering roof inspections for only $65 to $130, depending upon the size of your rig. This will include a full inspection for immediate repair, and possible future repair, as well as some minor repair work. Drive, or tow, your rig with complete confidence in its safety by having a yearly maintenance inspection.

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