Maintenance & Modifications

Maintaining your investment is one of the most important things you can do for your RV or Trailer. Water damage for instance can quickly destroy the roof or walls of an otherwise perfectly good RV. Bringing your RV or Trailer in once a year for regular maintenance and inspection of wheels, roofs, lights, ladders, racks and vents will not only protect your investment but will give you freedom to travel and vacation when you want to. 

Sometimes, something isn't quite the way you want with your RV. Change it!


See our Modify your RV page.


Catching repairs early on can save you a lot of money further down the road so of course, we recommend that you bring in your RV or Trailer right away if something seems to be going wrong. However, life can throw you unexpected surprises just when you least expect it - like when you're planning a vacation. If you're in a bind and need something fixed NOW on your RV or Trailer, give us a call. We are experts in emergency repair and can send a technician to come to you if your RV or Trailer cannot be brought in.


See our Repairs page.



Appraisal Service

If you are thinking of selling your RV or Trailer, have it appraised first by our expert staff. With a written appraisal, you will avoid having to "sharpen your pencil" when negotiating a sale. Also, if you are thinking of buying an RV or Trailer, have us appraise it first and possibly save you from purchasing a future headache. We are experts in spotting potential problems and an appraisal will help you negotiate the best price possible on your new RV or Trailer.


See our Buying a Used RV page.

Travel Trailer Servicing


We have been servicing tent trailers for years and are happy to be your trusted resource. Whether you need regular maintenance, an emergency repair or an appraisal, please call us and make an appointment.

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