Cleaning / Detailing

Perhaps your RV or Trailer is just looking a little tired or run down - you want it looking like new again without having to spend the money to buy a new trailer. Let us give you a restoration estimate.

If you want your RV cleaned extremely well inside and out, we can provide this service at a reasonable hourly rate. Bring it in for a free estimate and let us do the dirty work.

Modify your RV or Trailer


It's your 'home away from home' and you should be 100% happy with it. If there is something you aren't entirely happy about, we are here to help you change it. It might be a small thing but at least it will be gone from your mind. Often manufacturers are trying to save money and don't make things as well as they could. Lots of things in an RV can be modified to suit your needs better.


Some modifications are more involved than others. We are happy to assist you in accomplishing any new design ideas you might have and can recommend a few you might not have thought of. 

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