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Buying a Used RV


It can be difficult to find just the right Recreational Vehicle for your needs. When you do finally find the right used RV, be sure to have it properly inspected and be sure to check for the following things:


- Does the roof leak?

- Has the roof EVER leaked?

- What is the condition of the roof? (Check this area most carefully!)

- Check other areas where leaks may have occurred.

- Do all appliances operate and work as they should?

- Are the wheels and wheel bearings in good shape?

- Is the electrical system sound?

- Any warning signs of damage to tanks, filters or batteries?


There are dozens of things to look for when considering a purchase of an RV or Trailer.


For a small fee ($65 - $130), I can assist you with these important pre-purchase issues. This service will give you peace of mind and will save you a great deal of expense later on. Either way, there is great value to having an experienced Certified RV Technician inspect a used RV. Many recreational vehicles do actually leak and dismal as it may seem, many eventually will. This doesn't have to happen with YOUR RV!

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