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How Happy Camping Came To Be

I have been in the RV business since 1984, first working at ARRKANN trailer and Sports Center in Edmonton where the LEISURECRAFT model tent trailer was manufactured. I went on to become an RV technician. Applying at S.A.I.T. in Calgary the very first year the trade was offered in Canada.


When a tornado struck ARRKANN in 1987, I was nearly killed. The building was suddenly and completely destroyed. Lucky for me I jumped into an empty hot tub at the last second and was spared from death. The building was rebuilt and ARRKANN is still thriving.


I've been back in B.C. since 1989. And since 1998, while working for the Regional District as a carpenter, I started renting tent trailers from my home in the summer months. I was encouraged by the experience I had in Edmonton where we had approximately 40 rental units, most of which were tent trailers. I guess I got the tent trailer bug there.


I just love working on trailers and get a kick out of showing customers, who have no prior experience, the operation of tent trailers. I would like to thank all of my customers I've had over the last twenty years for assisting me to continue in this pleasant and rewarding business. 


Thank you for allowing Happy Camping Tent Trailer Rentals to be a part of your vacation experience!





Allan Yaciw 


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